The Nave Q Studio Kit - Kick Only (No NKI)

The Nave Q Studio Kit Kick Only Sample Pack

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Nave Q Studio Kit - Kick Only

This is the Kick Drum taken from our 'The Nave Q Studio Drum Kit' -

The Nave Q Kit is a Galvanised Steel Drum Kit made by custom drum company Q Drum Co. Recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, North Yorkshire. This is a huge natural sounding acoustic drum kit, with an even bigger sounding room. 

Recorded through a range of high quality outboard gear and captured by a selection of incredible sounding microphones, such as the classic Neumann U87 for our 'Far Room' which is used to translate the size and depth of the room, AKG C414EB with original brass capsules as overheads creating a richly detailed image of the drum kit and a set of Josephson E22S's on the Toms bringing a clear and focused sound with great low-end extension without the usual mud. 

Recorded and Engineered by Adam "Nolly" Getgood who's credits include his own band 'Periphery' as well as 'Animals as Leaders', 'Rise to Remain', and 'Bleed From Within'.

This sample pack is ideal for big rock productions as well as those looking to add size and depth to more metal style drums. 

Here's what the reviews had to say:

“I received a session with atrociously recorded drums on a mix that I had to tackle and this sample library was a godsend!”

“modern, punchy yet also deep, with wonderful amount of detail and ambience captured in, and available to use in your drum replacement program of choice. I found it works well in most modern music scenarios, from rock, alternative to metal as either sample replacement or augmentation. At the current price of $45 (29.99 pounds) it is a great deal for those who look for realistic, well recorded drum samples.”

Check the sample to hear what we're talking about!

Recorded by Adam “Nolly” Getgood at The Nave Studios
Edited and Prepared by Robin Adams
Played by Jake Fogarty of “Red Seas Fire” 

Listen here to a processed sample here:


Nave Q Drums Kick Only Package Includes:

24bit WAVs, Steven Slate Trigger TCI Files and Drumagog GOG Files:

Kick - Kick, Kick OH, Kick Close Room, Kick Far Room, Kick Hallway.

24bit Wavs for each drum and velocity:

Samples come unprocessed.

DOES NOT include cymbals.

Kit Info:

Kit - Q Drum Co. Galvanised Steel
Kick - 24x14

Drum Heads:
Kick - Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear

Recording Info: Recorded at 44.1 kHc, 24bit, .wav format

Microphone and Pre-amp Info:

  Microphone  Preamp
Kick In Beta 91 Chandler Germanium Pre Amp
Kick In 2 D112  API 512c
Kick Out  Sennheiser e602 Telefunken V-76




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